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Our state-of-the-art workshop at Dordrecht, Netherlands, is equipped with the latest machinery and techniques to ensure that your turbochargers will be serviced to the highest standards.

We are an independant service supplier, capable to service all kind of turbocharger, from replacing spare parts to complete overhaul.

Logically, you expect to get the highest quality of service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our well skilled and experienced field service engineers can provide you with service you can rely on, for all types of turbochargers.

Draaijer Turbo Services will do their utmost in getting the engineers  anywhere in the world at short notice. Our engineers will not only take care of your problem, but will also inform you how to get a better performance if needed.

Our mission is to provide our customers with service and technical support that meet their needs effectively.

spare partWe can supply a wide range of turbocharger parts, new and reconditioned.
Bearings and oil pumps can be bought on direct sale base or on exchange basis. We are committed to provide high quality products at competitive prices.


We can quote you for all type of turbocharger spares such as :

  • ABB
  • MAN
  • KKK
  • KBB

Poor quality fuel can cause immense damage to a turbocharger. Incompletely combusted particles from the diesel engine can chip pieces from the blades and often bend them.

The "blasting" effect of these dirt particles causes erosion while the high sulphur/water content of the fuel causes corrosion.

Foreign objects passing through the nozzle ring also cause damage (pieces of broken valve/piston ring etc...).

Draaijer Turbo Service has the right resources and the qualified people to be able to carry out repairs. The so-called 'Blade Welding' is one of our specialties.

➔ Blade Repair

➔ Ultrasonic Inspection

➔ Ultraviolet Crack Detection

➔ Hydrostatic Testing

➔ Dynamic Balancing

➔ Steam Cleaning

➔ Glass Bead Blasting

➔ Micro Blasting

➔ Metal Spraying

➔ Wet Blasting

Damaged rotor blades can cause imbalance. When this imbalance exceeds the permissible tolerance, vibrations are produced which wear the bearings and in the long-term cause major damage to the entire turbocharger.

Extensive repairs and downtime are then unavoidable.

Damage to the shaft end is a direct consequence of bearing damage.

Shafts are still frequently repaired using the "cold" technique in which a new layer of metal is applied at a temperature below 300 °C. The disadvantage of this method is that machined surfaces such as keyways and threads cannot be treated. The applied layer would be detached at the slightest impact and during balancing.

Our services


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